Quotes Statuss 20+ Heart Touching Status for whatsApp and Facebook | Quote Statuss

20+ Heart Touching Status for whatsApp and Facebook | Quote Statuss

Heart Touching Status - Hello friends, once again, you are welcome friends in the status of your quote; as you know that I bring status for you people on this page. You like people too, friend; in this episode, today for you people, Quotes have come in a perfect topic, 

which is going to be liked by a lot of people, whose name is Heart Touching Status, friends, you must have come to know by the name that it is a matter of heart and many people will be heartbroken in the matter of the heart. will still be heartbroken

Heart Touching Status Heart will be broken by someone at some time or the other, most of the people hearts will be broken in love, whether it is a boy or a girl, why a boy can cheat in love and girl too, for those people I have given below Best Heart Touching Status hope you like it

Heart Touching Status

My heart keeps breaking.

Heart Touching Status in English

Are you okay?’ Always the same question.
‘I’m fine.’ Always the same lie.

Status  Heart Touching 

Sometimes I don’t 
even understand my self.

Heart Touching Status for Whatsapp

I’ve been having a lot
 of bad days lately.

Heart Touching Status for Girls

I never stopped loving 
I just stopped showing it.

Heart Touching Status for Boys

One of the keys to happiness
 is a bad memory.

Heart Touching Status

Most days I miss 
who I used to be.

Heart Touching 

Two things I never want to experience again:
Broken heart and Deep love.

Heart Touching 2021

The more I find myself, 
the more people I lose.

The strongest hearts have 
the most scars.

be strong whatever the relationship
 Should not be forced

It's a matter of time today you If you 
change, tomorrow the time will change.

Dear Brain, you are totally right.

In today's era, heartbreak has become a common thing, and more people break their hearts on social media or post is very best for them; if I give images and text to you, then what should be the delay, thanks to your social media account.

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